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Providing public relations services in the health care requires particular expertise in science, development, media relations, marketing, and human resources. Equally important is the ability to gain the confidence of physicians and a respect for patient confidentiality.
We have successfully represented more than 20 health care clients in recent years, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, health centers, medical device companies, medical research organizations, and biotech companies.
Among current and former clients:
“The publicity that Wanger Associates afforded AT&T was broad, constant and sharply focused. And the no-frills approach translated into reasonable rates.”
“In brief, Wanger helped place AT&T on network television, national print and syndicated radio. Moreover, we received wise counsel when planning approaches to publicity.”
“Having worked in public relations since 1969 and having dealt with agencies large and small, I would say that Wanger Associates rates among the top.”
Burke Stinson
Former Senior Public Relations Director