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Wanger Associates pioneered public relations for the work-life field and is believed to be the only agency that specializes in this area.
Among our current and former clients in the field:
Our efforts on behalf of these clients include generating increased visibility and understanding for the importance of work/life benefits for employees and the role these benefits play in increasing the productivity and satisfaction of a growing number of working parents.
While our major thrust is to help organizations gain media attention for some of their most exciting work/life benefits, we also create and implement a number of marketing strategies to position our clients as work/life leaders and innovators.
We have worked with our work/life clients to:
“The publicity that Wanger Associates afforded AT&T was broad, constant and sharply focused. And the no-frills approach translated into reasonable rates.”
“In brief, Wanger helped place AT&T on network television, national print and syndicated radio. Moreover, we received wise counsel when planning approaches to publicity.”
“Having worked in public relations since 1969 and having dealt with agencies large and small, I would say that Wanger Associates rates among the top.”
Burke Stinson
Former Senior Public Relations Director