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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum called in Wanger Associates to manage all the media relations relating to the sensational theft of over $200 million in priceless paintings stolen from the museum. The robbery was called the largest art theft in history by the FBI. Our effort on the museum's behalf won several major public relations awards.
Major Objectives
Since we were called in only hours after the robbery and there were already requests for more information from more than 75 journalists from around the world, we developed a crisis plan on the fly. Our initial objectives included the following:
The Results
“Your ability to get over here in less than an hour, analyze our situation and create and implement a crisis communications effort on the run was amazing.”
“You dealt with the all the media in an exceptionally professional way and, in fact, some of the reporters complimented us on how well we were able to meet their needs.”
Anne Hawley
Executive Director
Isabella Steward Gardner Museum